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Monday, August 14, 2017

Montgomery Weekend!

I took a short weekend trip that’s become a routine for me these days.

It goes without saying that I love to go visit my long-distance boyfriend. But it’s so much fun when such visits involve new and fun adventures.

So, here’s what all we did this weekend.

Montgomery Biscuits!

I had been dying to go to a Montgomery Biscuits game, mainly because - fun fact for those who don’t know me in real life - I say “biscuits” as an exclamatory phrase (i. e. “Aw, biscuits! I stubbed my toe!”).

Plus, who doesn’t want to root for a team whose mascot is food?

So, when Cody surprised us with tickets - for him, me, and my dad - we were excited. The stadium itself is a converted train depot, which is cool. And, yes, they serve biscuits at the game (why not?).

It was such a fun atmosphere, and the Biscuits won!

The Rest of the Weekend

The rest of the weekend involved various and sundry lunches, dinners, and a game of golf. It had been awhile since I'd set foot on a golf course, but I was a caddy/driver for Dad and Cody, and it was fun.

I already can't wait until the next time I go down there! This trip was so fun, and the company was even better. :)


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