My Top 10 Uses for a Sequined Dress

Monday, December 1, 2014

Once upon a time, I was in Forever 21 with some of my best friends. We were wandering the store when suddenly, I saw a dress on one of the mannequins up front:

FOREVER 21 Sequined Skater Dress

Because it was sequined, blush pink, and amazing, I wanted to see if I could find it. Sure wasn't there. Bummer.

I decided to browse online (which, in my opinion, is the best way to shop Forever 21's clothing selections...the stores can get overwhelming), and they did have it. Fast-forward a week later, and a package arrived at my doorstep containing the sequined dress I ordered.

Some of you may be thinking, Savannah, where could you possibly wear this? Others of you may be thinking, Why not wear this literally everywhere?

So, let's talk about where you could wear a sequined dress.

1. Holiday Parties - This is probably the most obvious choice, given this time of year. I intend to wear my dress to my family's Christmas party this year for sure.

2. New Year's Eve - Again, another fairly obvious situation, but a dress like this that has sleeves will help you out if you're going to be outside in colder weather for any amount of time.

3. Concerts - You know how some genres kind of have specific clothes associated to them - leather for Rock, and cowboy boots for Country, for example? A sequined dress covers all those bases; just change the accessories depending on the concert and your mood. Speaking of shows...

4. Broadway Shows - In the times I've been to New York, I've loved dressing up for broadway shows, including matinees (I'm looking at you, "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" starring Daniel Radcliffe back a few years ago <3). A sequined dress would be a fun piece to wear to musical theatre, whether you're on Broadway, West End, or at your city's performing arts center.

5. Graduations - I wore a shiny dress with rose gold embroidery to my college graduation, and this would work well if you're wanting to stand out beyond the same regalia that everyone else is wearing. Just make sure that this dress works with your school's guidelines; my high school graduation robes were white, for example, so this particular dress wouldn't work.

6. Halloween - When all else fails, this is an INSTANT Princess Peach costume. And speaking of costumes...

7. Themed Costumed Parties - Lately, I've been seeing Great Gatsby-inspired dresses amidst the usual sparkly sequined ones. To get more uses out of a dress like this beyond the holidays, wear it to a costume party and add decade or theme-appropriate accessories, like a sparkly headband for a Gatsby party.

8. Weddings - Depending on what kind of wedding you're attending and how much your particular dress is sequined, you could wear a dress like this to either the rehearsal dinner or the ceremony itself. Just make sure it's understated enough that you're not outshining the bride.

9. Travel/Other special occasions that only come around once in a while - Going to a live taping of a show in NYC? Going to a fancy dinner abroad? Take this dress along on your travels. You never know when the occasion may arise to wear it. And speaking of occasions...

10. Whenever you want. :) - Fashion is so subjective, and even with trends that come and go, you should stay true to your personal style. If you want to wear a sequined dress, wear it, and wear it with confidence. :)

I hope y'all enjoyed this little Top Ten list! :)

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