An Instagram Roundup of Art, Adventures, and At Least Two Hot Beverages

Friday, December 5, 2014

1. I went to the cutest meat n' three last week in Georgia. It's family owned AND has the best chicken fried steak I've ever had (It was battered with pastry batter! Yum!).

2. Fun fact: I draw! I've drawn as an occasional hobby since high school, and I spontaneously decided to draw a self-portrait one day using an ink outline and colored pencils. I really like how it turned out. (I may do a post about my artwork in the future! Stay tuned!)

3. One family tradition that we have around the Holiday season is our cinnamon red hot apple cider. This stuff is AMAZING. It's basically regular apple cider boiled with red hot candies, then served. It reminds me of so many holiday seasons from my childhood and I love it.

4. I always get excited seeing the Finn and Jake balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Another fun fact: I watched Adventure Time for the first time on a plane flying back from Germany to the USA a few summers ago. Good times.

5. I went Black Friday Shopping in Atlanta with my aunt and cousin. I got to visit ZARA and C. Wonder, two stores we don't have in Nashville, among many amazing places to do my Christmas shopping (including Madewell, one of my new favorites!).

6. Speaking of new favorites, I love this candle from Anthropologie. It's Coconut Milk Mango. :)

7. I dove into a new book this week, armed with tea. Books-a-Million had signed copies of Atlantia by Allie on the lookout for a Thoughts on Pages review of it soon!

8. This is actually my grandparents' front yard. It just looked pretty in the sunshine and I had to snap and edit a picture of it for Instagram.

9. Remember when I talked about golf carts? High schoolers park their golf carts during school hours and line them up - and there was a ton of them when I drove by in a golf cart this week. This would have been so easy back when I was in high school!

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