Travel Essentials

Monday, September 11, 2017

I love travel. That’s absolutely no secret. I love sharing travel posts and how-to’s with you guys, and I also love prowling YouTube and Pinterest for various travel-related things.

One thing I keep seeing pop up on my YouTube feed has been guides for “travel essentials.” It got me thinking…if I could recommend only a few items as essential for any traveler - seasoned or casual - what would I suggest?

That’s what I’m aiming to do today. I’m going to share with you ten items I feel are essential for traveling anywhere and anytime, for any length of time. (And, of course, these essentials are goodies in addition to your necessities…pack everything you absolutely need first!)

1. Blue Jeans

No matter where you go (or when you go), one pair of blue jeans is so insanely versatile. Just pack one or two for a weekend getaway, and pack at least two for a longer trip (especially abroad.

2. Basic T-Shirt (or Two)

Like jeans, basic tees are versatile. Pack a white one for the ultimate classic staple, and add black and gray for variety (and more versatility…neutrals go with everything). Don’t be afraid to add color, too; solid brights and pastels are a lot of fun and are easy to layer with pieces. Speaking of layers...

3. A jacket or cardigan

Traveling in layers is always a good idea, no matter what time of year it is. Make sure you have at least one layer with you that you can easily access or take off. (At the very least, you can roll up that layer and use it as a pillow on your journey.)

4. Socks!

Whether you are on the road or on a plane, a pair of socks are necessary. At the very least, they keep your feet warm on cold planes or cars. Beyond that, they protect your feet from germs at security and other places you may need to remove your shoes. Keep an extra pair in your carry-on or personal item (or road trip bag).

5. Zip-loc bags

Y’all know I love packing cubes. But I do have to say that zip-loc bags do the exact same thing in a pinch. Carry a few extra for laundry, separating certain clothing items out, and toiletries. I would avoid wet clothes, though.

6. Scarves

Scarves are phenomenal. Roll a scarf up to use as a pillow in the car or on a plane, and - of course - wear that scarf on cold days.

7. One pair of amazing walking shoes

If you can only pack one pair of shoes, wear some that you could walk for miles in. Or, at least as much walking as you’re planning on doing on your trip (i.e. don’t wear heels to Disneyworld).

8. Headphones

Sometimes, all you need is great music. Or to sleep. Either way, headphones are a personal favorite essential of mine.

9. Cross-body bag or purse

Wearing something across your body is a great idea if you’re planning on going to any major metropolitan cities, or crowded areas in general. It’s better to keep your valuables safe (or, better yet, not bring anything extremely valuable with you that’s not a cell phone or currency) in case of pickpockets.

10. A copy of your itinerary (plus other necessities).

Finally, it’s best to make sure you keep a downloaded copy of your itinerary somewhere on your phone, or a paper copy in your bag. That way, you know exactly what you’re doing and where you’re going, and you can also let others know where you are. (Also, if you’re traveling a greater distance, bring copies of your driver’s license/passport.)

What are your travel essentials?

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