All-Time Favorite Bible Verses

Friday, September 1, 2017

Happy September!

In lieu of a Friday Five this week (since I just did a Monthly Favorites and I feel like I’d just be rehashing some of those in a normal Friday Five), I decided to list five of my all-time favorite Bible verses, and give them to you in pastel-colored graphic form that you can save to your phone, pin to Pinterest, message to someone, whatever.

Why? Well, for a few reasons: one, I know that a lot of you readers have started school or know someone who’s started school; when I was in school, Bible verses helped me a whole lot. Two, it always helps me to have scripture handy in times of trouble, whether that’s for me or someone I love. And three, I just wanted to share some of my favorites with you. :)

What are your favorite verses?

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