Pentatonix World Tour! [And The Preceding Adventures]

Friday, May 13, 2016

This past Tuesday was AWESOME, to say the least.

Dear reader, let me tell you how it went down.

Otaku Ramen

My girls and I decided to go get dinner at Otaku Ramen in downtown Nashville. I fell in love with ramen shops during my visits to Los Angeles, and when Otaku Ramen opened its full-service restaurant near me, I was so thrilled, and I couldn't wait to share it with the girls.

I'm happy to report that our ramen adventure was a resounding success!

To finish our food adventure off before the concert, we went to Barista Parlor Golden Sound. (Always an excellent, one of my friends hadn't been there before, so we had to get coffee to go before we went to the arena.)

The Concert!

We literally walked into the arena as soon as the first opening act (AJ Lehrman) came on, so the following pictures were taken before and after the second opening act, Us the Duo (who were AWESOME...don't be surprised if you see a song by them in a "Mondays are for Music" post at some point).

Then, Pentatonix came out on stage...and the crowd went wild.

It was probably one of the smaller concerts I'd been to in recent years, but it was SO much fun. You could tell that they were having an absolute blast, and all of the songs were fantastic live.

My favorite songs they sang were: "Na Na Na", "Can't Sleep Love", Kevin's cello-boxing (beatboxing + cello = magic), "Papaoutai/Radioactive/Say Something", "Daft Punk", "Aha!", and "Light in the Hallway", which was sung mic-less (and it gave me chills in the best way).

Overall, Pentatonix was amazing. I'd see them in concert again for sure.

Have you been to any concerts recently, or any that you're looking forward to? Let me know in the comments! :)

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