A Week in Grayton Beach, Instagrammed

Monday, April 6, 2015

Over the past couple weeks, I've busy. Busy having fun, that is. :) Amongst a fun work trip and time spent with family this weekend (along with actual work in between), I actually spent the week prior on vacation with my best friends from college.

Last year, we went down to Grayton Beach, Florida, an idyllic community that has become a second hometown of sorts for me. I've spent large portions of my childhood there, and I love sharing it with folks whenever I get the chance. We all got to return this year, and we had an absolute blast.

These are the Instagrams from that week, with their respective stories. Enjoy! :)

1. This trip to Sweet Cece's in Franklin all started with a Snapchat. The guys and girls split up into two different cars, and instead of making the correct turn to my house, they decided to go back up the street to get ice cream. Once they asked what they should get via Snapchat, we booked it over to Sweet Cece's ASAP. It was so worth it. :)

2. Us on the plane, of course. :) This was actually some of my friends' third time aboard a plane ever. Flying is always fun with these people.

3. Upon landing, we made the first of a few trips to the Donut Hole. Their coffee and hashbrowns are really, really good, and I made the discovery of dipping a red velvet cake donut into said coffee. It's a pretty fantastic combination.

4. And this was our first trip to the beach. :)

5. This was the first of many mugs of tea and coffee during the week. We either made coffee or tea at the house, or got some while we were out (see later on in this post).

6. One stop that we had to return to from last year was a little airstream trailer called The Melt Down on 30A. They're a grilled cheese stand! :) I always get the strawberry, goat cheese, and proscuitto sandwich whenever I go. It's awesome. (I know they also have a portobello mushroom one and a smoked turkey one, too. They do grilled cheese a ton of different ways.)

7. This was in front of one of my favorite local bookstores, Sundog Books. They always do something cool with their chalkboard, and that day was no exception. That quote is so sweet!

8. And this is Seaside at night from the second floor of the Sundog Books building, where there's a record shop called Central Square Records. Speaking of Central Square Records...

9. One of my friends got himself a ukulele from Central Square Records. They actually have ukuleles in every color of the rainbow, and one of my friends and I got pictures posing with it for posterity's sake. This ukulele is actually dark purple, and I kinda wanted to learn to play it. It sounds good, I'll tell you that!

10. During the week, we stopped at Don Pedro's for breakfast a couple of times. They have excellent breakfast foods, including Chilequiles, which are fried tortillas with salsa, sour cream, and bacon (like breakfast nachos). Their coffee is also pretty good.

11. This was from one of our walks to the beach. We ran into my parents and grandparents, who were taking the puppies to see the beach. I'm holding Harvey. :)

12. We had to do a jumping picture on the beach, obviously. 

13. On our second trip to Seaside, I wanted to make sure that we tried Amavida Coffee. It had been recommended to me, and I really liked it! I've had an iced caramel chai tea and a hot caramel latte there, and I hope to try some other coffees from them soon!

14. I took this on a walk to a coffee shop. Come to find out, it was closed, so we went to Don Pedro's instead.

15. One of my favorite pizza places in the area is called Bruno's Pizza. It's in Watersound, and they have an excellent buffet and cinnamon knots. I just happened to look up to find this adorable Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles painting, complete with the restaurant's logo on the box. Talk about a seal of approval! :)

16. I took this inside a bookstore I really like in Rosemary Beach. I absolutely love this chandelier because it reminds me of Peter Pan.

17. This is a candid shot of a few of us at Rosemary Beach. This is how we are on a daily basis. Maybe. ;)

18. We took fancy dress pictures on the beach, something that we wanted to do again from last year. It's always fun doing this, especially with close friends. 

19. This is all of us who dressed up.

20. And this was our last crew dinner of the trip. We celebrated a great week at Cheeseburger in Paradise. :)

I hope you enjoyed this little recap! It was fun to put together and go back through these memories.

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