How to be a Tourist in your own City

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I took this back at Pumpkinfest last year. I blogged about it here. (Hey, I can poetry! Haha.)

I love my hometown. I also love sharing my hometown with my friends from far and wide when they come to visit.

There are some days when I know exactly what to show new visitors, and there are some days when I have no idea what to do that's brand-new and exciting, especially if I know my friend has been to my hometown before. I get into this rut that since I've already seen something where I live, it feels like old hat, while my friend may see it as something totally cool/fascinating/hipster-esque/etc. But then again, I'm often surprised by how cool things in my hometown are. All it takes is a second look.

So, if you're planning on giving a tour of your hometown soon, here are my tips. :)

1. Use it as an excuse to photograph ALL the things.

Grab pictures of historical buildings, storefronts, whatever strikes your fancy. It's often fun to see something through the lens of a camera, and you'll often find new and interesting things about your hometown just by trying a different perspective.

2. Something going on? Take advantage of it!

Last weekend, there was a huge festival in my hometown. Some of my friends from across the country were in my area, so off we went, and we had a blast.

If there's any event going on - whether it's a festival, a fair, a concert, whatever - and it's practically in your backyard, definitely check it out. It's a great way to experience what your hometown has to offer.

3. Don't be afraid to check out something you haven't checked out in awhile.

The thing about hometowns is that they often change over time, but often, parts of it will stay the same, even when new establishments are added and taken away. So, if you have friends with you, try a place you used to go to way back when, but haven't been in awhile, like a restaurant or a quaint little shop. It'll be fun to experience something fresh together.

How do you like to experience your hometown? Are there any particular places you like to visit?

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