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Friday, May 30, 2014

Hello hello!

So I think it's high time for a tag post and a makeup post, and I say we combine the two today. I discovered the "Lip Product Addict Tag" via YouTube, and I thought it would be really fun to adapt to this blog. I typically gravitate towards lipstick, lip gloss, and the like if I'm looking for a specific makeup product, so I figured it would be a good fit.

So, cue the graphic headline and let's get started! :)

1. What's your favorite lip balm/treatment?

Eos Lipsalve Blueberry Acai

Right now, the one I reach for the most are the EOS lip balms. I like the fruity ones best, and would really love to try the blueberry one (pictured here). I read that they're pretty popular in Canada.

2. Best eye-catching red?

Lip Stain in Red Velvet

Easy. Lime Crime Cosmetics' Velvetine in Red Velvet is the greatest red I have ever tried. It's matte, it's long-lasting, it's rich, and it makes me feel like a 1940's movie star. The other shades I've tried are fantastic as well.

Via Google 

A close second is Rimmel London's Show-Off (Or Apocalips if you're outside the States) Lacquer in Big Bang. It's similar to the Velvetines, but not as matte and not nearly as long-lasting, but it does last a long time and looks excellent on.

Lime Crime Lipstick

And a close third is Lime Crime's lipstick in Retrofuturist. It's a shade of candy apple red that I absolutely adore. I did a review on some of the Lime Crime lipsticks (including Retrofuturist), which you can find here.

3. Best luxury lip product? Best drugstore?
The best luxury lip product in my opinion has to be, again, the Lime Crime Velvetines. I own the shades Red Velvet, Pink Velvet, and Suedeberry. I wore them to class while in college, and I've worn them some for dressier occasions.

Via Amazon

It's really hard to pick a favorite drugstore lip product, but I think the ones I keep coming back to are the Maybelline Babylips tinted lip balms. I especially love the neons because the color payoff is excellent. The only version of these I don't like are the Dr. Rescue variety due to an allergic reaction I had to them, but otherwise, I think these are great.

4. Best MAC lipstick?

I used to wear MAC in high school, back when it was the brand that pretty much every YouTube Beauty Guru vlogged and raved about. I don't wear MAC as much anymore, but I do have a favorite lipstick of theirs.

Impassioned is the color that I wore to my junior prom. It's a rich coral pink that brings back happy memories of the perfect dress I sought for and the delight of experiencing wearing a ballgown for the first time with my close friends.

5. The most disappointing?

Nars Lip Gloss

I've never owned these, but I'm not the biggest fan of NARS lipglosses, mainly for one thing: I'm not the biggest fan of their scent.

This is probably just a relative thing, but I'm pretty particular about the scents of my lip products. I guess it's because they're my lips, and that I have the potential of tasting whatever I apply? I don't know, but regardless, I really do wish I liked these.

EDIT: I heard that NARS changed the formula of these and that they don't have a scent anymore. I may look into these again.

6. Liner - yes or no?
I don't use liner. Don't get me wrong, I love the chubby lip pencils that have come out recently. However, I prefer as little maintenance as possible when it comes to not only applying lipcolor, but touching up throughout the day. (Watch that change in the future)

7. Best gloss?
NYX Lipstick

I have been recently loving NYX's Butter Glosses. They are just the right pigment, just the right opacity, and just the right texture. Not to mention their color selection is fabulous for this season!

8. Something extra!

Via Amazon

Okay, I love these. I first saw these on Tumblr (I think?), and then rediscovered them at Urban Outfitters. They're sheer lip glosses, and they're great quality, so they are great products themselves along with their fabulous packaging.

Basically, if it looks like a bunny, I go for it. It's icing on the cake when I love what the packaging houses.

If you want to watch the videos where I got this tag from, check out here and here. :)

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