I Have Three Labradoodles

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Boy howdy, do I have an update for you guys.

Last year, we had to say goodbye my dog Azalea. About six months before that, we said goodbye to her brother, Harvey. They were the best miniature schnauzers in the whole wide world. I grew up with them. They were the childhood puppies I had that I got to share my younger adventures with. It was hard to talk about their passing, let alone blog about it, but we were thankful for the 15 years we got to spend with those fur babies.

Fast-forward to the Fall of 2018. My family decided that it was time to open our home to two more fur babies.

So, on October 27th, we welcomed Atticus and Thoreau, our new chocolate Australian labradoodles.

Baby Atticus

 Baby Reau

Now, these are the first "big" dogs I've ever grown up with. But they are the most loving, precious, spunky fur baby siblings a girl can have. They've lit up my life in so many ways.

Hey, Sav, you may be asking me, Your post title clearly states that you have THREE labradoodles. Not two. Where's this third puppy?

Here's the part where we fast-forward quickly to the next month, November. Originally, my family wanted a boy and a girl, similar to Harv and Zae. The breeder we adopted Atticus and Thoreau from did not have a girl available, so Mom mentioned that if one of the girls became available, we'd be up to take her in. But the possibility was far from our minds, since all the little girl puppies had been reserved.

...until we got a text from our breeder saying, "Do y'all still want a little girl?"

They had one last girl puppy left because the owner who had originally reserved her couldn't take her in because of landlord restrictions. So, we enthusiastically said yes, and we took her in.

This is Magnolia, my little fur sister.

She was a little timid at first, but over time, she grew to love and feel more comfortable as part of our family. She is still a little shyer than her brothers when it comes to meeting brand-new people, but that's okay. I guess she's like me in that she's a little introvert.

How are they now?

Atticus, Lola, and Reau are four-and-a-half months old, and they still entertain/surprise/delight us to this day (of course!). Having labradoodles in the house has been a fun adventure every single day. The other day, Lola discovered how to jump on all the beds. Atticus is still leaping into my arms, a tradition since he was the tiniest puppy. And Thoreau still has this fascination with the microwave, especially when Dad makes bacon.

They are the best things to come into my life in a long time, and I am so beyond thankful for them.

Atticus, Thoreau, Magnolia...I love you guys. <3

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