27 Things You Didn't Know About Me

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Well, hi!

If you're new here, hi, my name is Savannah. I turned 27 back in October. I started this blog back when I was 22. Good gracious.

I wanted to share some fun facts about me with you. Granted, I've done this before - twice, actually - but I feel like I could share some new things/insights that will be fun to look back on in the future (goodness, it was fun looking back on my old fun fact posts over the past couple of years).

So...here are 27 things you didn't know about me. :)

1. I have been a baptized/born-again Christian for 13 years as of January 12. I feel like I have grown every single one of those thirteen years and counting.
2. Along those lines, I have never read the whole Bible in a year before. This year, I'm changing that.
3. I'm a stationery nerd; specifically, notepads and planners. I get my love of stationery and planners from my mom, and we've gone to several planner conventions together!
4. Also, I'm a pen nerd. Brightly-colored pens, highlighters, and color coding are my jam.
5. I have dyed my hair before. In fact, it's been three colors at once: blonde with the underside being blue with pink shadow roots. Now, I'm in this phase where the bottom half of my hair is a blonde ombre situation from the bleach.
6. I've been called even more similar-sounding names to Savannah in recent months: Cheyenne, Shannon, and Cindy, to name a few.
7. I like to think I'm crazy-good at racing games, be they arcade or console/computer.
8. My favorite books of the Bible are Esther, Romans, and Hebrews.
9. I have written two novels (and counting, especially with this year's NaNoWriMo and Camp NaNoWriMo months!)
10. I have also self-published some short stories! Click here to check them out.
11. I edit on a freelance basis in addition to my day job, so I actually self-edit my own work and do my own cover designs for my self-published work. I have also worked as a self-publishing consultant on a memoir.
12. I have never seen "The Wizard of Oz."
13. I have never been to a Renaissance fair.
14. I have some new additions to my travel bucket list: Seoul, Egypt, and Australia (Melbourne or Sydney).
15. I am a chorizo fiend. If there's a chorizo burrito or some kind of chorizo I can get on a Mexican dish or taco, I'm there.
16. I'm also a spicy food fiend. Hot chicken, Indian spices, and any sriracha or chipotle majesty I can get my hands on are always a treat.
17. If I could characterize my personal style, it's vintage silhouettes meets band t-shirts. One day, I'm wearing a blouse and suspenders to work, and the next, I'm rocking my Bastille tour merch.
18. Rose gold is my favorite metal; after that, I gravitate towards gold...and glitter, of course.
19. I have named both of my female dogs I've had over the years. I chose Azalea's name for the flowers at my grandparents' beach house, and I named Magnolia because my second novel's main character has the same name.
20. My friends say I need to be fed and watered every two hours...and they're right. If I don't eat for a while - especially protein - I get really shaky and feel a little more anxious.
21. Lemonade and other citrus foods give me the hiccups. No clue why.
22. I'm also partially allergic to artificial flavoring! It just makes me cough a little bit, nothing too serious.
23. I gravitate towards patterns and kitschy details when it comes to clothes, accessories, and jewelry. I.E. you'll find me wearing dinosaurs and unicorns a LOT.
24. Reading, literature, and storytelling have always been a comfort and a childhood mainstay for me. Of course, I love C.S. Lewis, but I also love Neil Gaiman's work.
25. I'm an optimist almost to a fault.
26. I find joy in the tiniest details.
27. If there's one thing that I've learned in my 27 years of life, it's that there's no shame in being yourself, exactly who God created you to be, and that normal is just a setting on a washing machine.

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