Pre-Spring Thoughts

Friday, February 17, 2017

It's feeling less and less like winter all the time.

It's 69 degrees as I write this...hardly winter weather. But while this is normal for Tennessee, I can't help but wonder when we'll have consistent Spring weather. Because, honestly, I'm over the cold, and I'm looking forward to the sunshine and warm rays.

So, all this begs the question: what do I love about spring?

  • The colors. It's not even March yet, and I've been seeing more blue skies lately. Bluer skies and green grass aren't mandatory for me to enjoy the weather, but it certainly does help.
  • The candle scents. Bath and Body Works always releases fruity and/or baked good scents around springtime. You can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be shopping those sooner than later.
  • The flowers. I guess this is cliche, but something about being able to see (and smell!) flowers after so much dry weather makes me super happy.
  • The stuff to do. My hometown has a fantastic festival that comes around every April. Plus, there are vacations to be had (some coming up very soon for me!), coffee outings at cute places to enjoy, and more reasons to get out and enjoy the great spring weather. And let's not forget the holidays, too!
Sure, there's stuff about Spring to complain about: more bugs, specifically. However, the pros far outweigh the cons, and Spring is a just another way that I can enjoy God's creation. And I can't complain about that one bit. :)

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