Places I Would Love to Go

Monday, February 13, 2017

I tell people that I have a perpetual case of wanderlust.

If I’m not going someplace, I’m dreaming of where I want to go next. Whether I will actually go to these places is unknown, but I don’t want to put it out of the realm of possibility. Plus, if I do go to these places I dream about, it’ll be fun to look back and say “I’ve been there” after dreaming for so long.

So, what places do I want to visit?


I’ve always wanted to go to Tokyo, and I’ve always loved Japanese culture, whether it’s been through anime, the food, or anything else. In Japan, I’d also like to go to Kyoto or Osaka, or even Tokyo Disney.


Australia’s been on my mind lately. If I were to visit, I’d want to stay in a huge metropolitan area (like Sydney or Melbourne) and take day trips to the outback and see Ayer’s Rock and the like.

I think this comes from my being obsessed with "The Rescuers Down Under" as a kid and watching that opening eagle scene over and over. (If you haven't seen that movie, it's adorable and very well animated. Plus, it's Disney. You can't go wrong with Disney.)


I’ve been to this country’s airport many, many times while trying to connect to other flights to other places. But lately, I’ve been wanting to check out this city outside its airport’s walls.


Last, but certainly not least, I would love to visit Spain; specifically, Barcelona.

It all started with a Spanish class I took in high school where one of our assignments was to put together a travel package for a Spanish-speaking country or city. I chose Barcelona, and I remember having a blast researching this city with such rich history. So, I’d love to see this city for myself and what it has to offer. 

What places would you like to visit? Let me know in the comments! :)
(Also, a  quick note before I go: the photos in the graphic are ones I pulled off Pinterest. Credit goes to each photo's respective photographer.)

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  1. I'd like to go to Israel, Egypt, Norway, Denmark, Portugal, Istanbul, New Zealand, Spain, Japan. ❤