National Book Lover's Day

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

This is my favorite reading spot at my grandparents' house :)

Today is National Book Lover's Day. I absolutely love random holidays, and today is absolutely no exception. I've been a book lover my whole life. There's just something about cracking open the pages of a new book and diving into a new story. I'm also a writer, and I adore writing my own stories as well.

How in the world do you celebrate the hard-bound, written word?
  • Open up a brand-new novel, or continue one you've already started. Or, read your Bible. Basically, if it's written and published, go read it.
  • Go read in a favorite spot, or try someplace new, like a local bookstore or even a new chair in your living room.
  • Speaking of local bookstores, pay your favorite one a visit. Local bookstores love visitors, and they'll be absolutely happy to give you recommendations. One of my favorites in Nashville has a huge selection of signed copies!
  • Visit a local bookstore in a new place if you happen to be traveling, or visit one near your extended family, whether you grew up visiting it or not.
  • Or, if you're closer to a bigger-name bookstore chain, that's also fine.
  • Encourage reading; it beats screen time any day of the week, and I've found that I'm less stressed when I put down my phone or put away my laptop for a few minutes to an hour or so, depending on how busy my day happens to be.
  • Also, encourage writing. Nothing makes this writer happier than seeing people interested in creating stories of their own.
How will you celebrate National Book Lover's Day?


  1. What's your favorite bookstore in Nashville? =)

    1. Hey, Kirsten! :D I'd have to say Parnassus Books in Green Hills. They have the most signed copies I've seen out of a bookstore, and even though it's slightly bigger than the typical non-chain bookstore, it feels welcoming and homey.

  2. Excellent blog, Sav! I would love to add a favorite of mine....the Library!! The library needs funding to buy new books and the only way they can do that is if we check out books. So many wonderful memories of riding my bike to my library every week to read a new book!!

    1. Thanks, Mom :* And yes! The library will ALWAYS be an amazing option. I have wonderful memories from visiting libraries throughout my childhood.