California Dreamin': A Story in Instagrams

Friday, August 5, 2016

Hey, y'all!

Last weekend, my mom and I took a quick trip to California.

These are the photos I posted to Instagram while I was there. :)

Before I left for California from the airport, some Pokémon Go happened. (In fact, a LOT of Pokémon Go happened this trip...let's just say I spent a lot of time on the app whilst riding in the back of Uber rides with Mom.) (Another side note, if you want my thoughts on Pokémon Go, check out my post here.)

But this guy is a Weedle, and because I caught him at the airport, I named him "Airport."

I think that was before I had my coffee, ha!

Once we got to LA, we made a few stops. The first was Sage Goddess, a rock and crystal store, and then we made our way to Little Tokyo, where we partook in the ramen you see above.

Orochon Ramen is the very first legitimate ramen shop I'd ever been to (barring Wagamama in Windsor, England). This place is incredibly special to me, and their ramen - pork with a soy base and boiled eggs with spice - is my favorite.

After ramen, we made a quick stop through Bottega Louie for macarons.

Y'all, they're as magical and delicious as they look.

The next day was Saturday, and Mom and I headed to downtown Pasadena for a planner meetup...specifically, Marion Smith's Southern California Planner Lover's Retreat. It was a fun time all around!

And this was the dress I wore. :)

Finally, on Sunday, we swung by the Grove - one of my favorite shopping centers ever - for some shopping at Topshop, along with checking out the nearby farmer's market.

I didn't realize that the CBS network building was nearby, but it was within walking distance of the Grove. So, consequently, I took a selfie with it for good measure. ;)

And that, my friends, was my weekend trip to California!

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