Instagram Roundup: Planners, Horses, and Dory, Oh My!

Friday, July 1, 2016

1. I went and saw "Finding Dory" with college friends...and loved it! In fact, I miiiiight like it more than the original "Finding Nemo." But it's Disney. And you can't go wrong with Disney. (insert fish emoji here)

2. My 2016-17 planner came in the mail last week! It's an Erin Condren 18-month planner, and I absolutely love how it turned out, especially the rose gold details!

3. These are the horses I pass by on the way to work most times I go into the office. I nicknamed them Sherlock and Watson, but I believe one of their real names is Princess. They are mom and daughter. Aren't they the cutest?

4. I got my hair cut last week! :) It was time for short[er] hair again.

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