Makeup to Fly Out the Door With

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I had one of those days recently where I needed to get out the door, and fast. As in, having only minutes to actually do makeup fast, along with the rest of my routine.

If you have five minutes to spare, fret not, dear reader. I have a list - a cheat sheet, if you will - of products that you too can use (and that I personally love) to fly out the door with. You'll be polished for any situation, whether that's work or school, and you can add products as the day goes on if you need a little something extra.

Also, quick disclaimer: you don't have to use these exact products. Use the ones that work best for you and your preferences.

Without further ado, on to the makeup! :)

Makeup to Fly Out the Door With

1. Thick, Cream Based Concealer - This usually has the consistency of a typical foundation. Apply this first over any areas that need to be evened out (like under your eyes). I recommend finding a brightening concealer as well, just to help illuminate your skin. But if you don't want to go the concealer route, I recommend a tinted moisturizer, just so you get that coverage along with the moisture (plus, that dewy, fresh texture is awesome).

2. Volumizing Mascara - Then, go straight to your mascara. Use one that you know will last all day (waterproof or not), and your eyes will pop instantly. Tubing mascaras have always worked well for me (see the Too Faced mascara linked above), since they only come off with remover and/or warm water.

3. Brow Gel/Pencil - Brows are the frames for the rest of your face, so well-groomed brows will help you feel extra-polished. Use your favorite brow gel or pencil to set and groom your eyebrows however you like, whether that's making them stand out or just polishing them up.

4. Lip Gloss - Finally, add a lip color of your choice. On days when I want to stay neutral, I like a sheer pink gloss, but if you want to go a little more bold, rock a lipstick in a bright shade.

What's your favorite makeup to fly out the door with?

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