The Franklin Farmers Market

Monday, May 4, 2015

If y'all happened to see the above image in my Instagram feed last weekend, you'll know that I paid a visit to my hometown's Farmers Market. :)

I loved going to Farmers Markets as a kid, but I really appreciate going to them now that I'm older, since I appreciate the hard work that people put into the food and the wares that they sell. Not to mention, the food's DELICIOUS.

How does this particular Farmers Market work? Basically, local farmers and vendors from the area come to a pavilion just outside the Factory in Franklin to sell goodies. At this particular Farmers Market, they had a donut stand, a crepe trolley, a lemonade (where they sold the best strawberry lemonade I've ever had) and an orangeade stand, at least one soap shop, a popsicle stand, handmade crafts, and more (including the epic sausage and cheese biscuit I had that morning).

I hadn't been by the Farmers Market in awhile, but rest assured, I'll be back some more this coming summer. :)

Do y'all like to visit the Farmers Markets in your area, or anything similar? What are they like?

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