Mondays are for Music #3

Monday, March 16, 2015

Hey, y'all! :) It's time to talk about some music I've discovered (and have been loving) lately! Normally, these segments tend to lean towards one genre or an other (either Indie or Dance, specifically), but I think this one is all across the board. So, just sit back, relax, and listen to some of these tracks with me.

"Run Boy Run" by Woodkid

Have you ever heard a song you really liked the sound of - whether it was on the radio or in a movie -  but couldn't find it? Here recently, I've been trying to hunt down a song from the first Divergent movie during the part where Tris runs with the Dauntless kids. I finally found it in a random YouTube video I came across, and this was the song that was playing in the background (as instrumental). You'll probably recognize it once you hear it if you've seen "Divergent" or have watched the TV series "Reign" on the CW. The lyrics even sound dystopian, too. Just get ready to have this song stuck in your head for awhile.

"My Oh My" by Punch Brothers

I was recently introduced to this band, and I can't believe I hadn't ever heard any of their music before. They're a bluegrass band, and I would compare them to Mumford & Sons, but with a lot more technical craftsmanship and more instruments used. These guys can really play music. I had THE hardest time picking a track to feature, but I'm going with "My Oh My."

"Adventure Time" by Panda Eyes and Teminite

This delightful dance-y dubstep track has really nothing to do with the TV show, but it's still a really fun track to dance to. (And it doesn't hurt that the bass sounds great!)

"Style / Lean On" cover/remix by Mike Tompkins

Y'all know that I like acapella music. I also like mashups. This acapella mashup is kind of unexpected (Taylor Swift & Major Lazer), but it's so much fun, it's catchy, and it works.

Have y'all been listening to any good music lately? Let me know! :)

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