February Favorites | 2018

Thursday, March 1, 2018

February came and went. What in the world?

I’ve been in a different state, I tried some new stuff (and loved it), and got some cool stuff done writing-wise.

It was an awesome month. Here’s what I loved in February!


This February, I began revising the novel I wrote for NaNoWriMo last year. So far, I’ve added at least a thousand words and counting. 

The revision process is complicated. I’m at a point where I’m actually adding more words than I’m taking away - and next month, that may change. That’s okay. I just want to revise in such a way that I come out with a product that I’m 100% happy with.


This was the month that I decided to completely overhaul my skincare routine. (Read: start a skincare routine.)

Normally, my “routine” is use various cleansers and hope for the best. I have combination skin, so some parts will still be dry, while my T-Zone (nose, cheeks, chin, forehead) will get the breakouts. After doing research, scouring Pinterest, and watching various beauty gurus on Youtube, I found a routine that I think works.

Morning and night, I apply micellar water cleanser all over my face with a cotton pad. Then, I do the same thing with witch hazel/alcohol-free toner. Finally, I add moisturizer, and call it good. In the shower, I use a micellar gel cleanser, and I’ll exfoliate my face once a week.

This cleared my skin up, y’all. I learned that good products will not mess your skin up, and the best part is that those products do not have to be expensive. All the products I got were at Target, and each was under ten bucks, at least.

I wanted to do something to take care of my skin, and this was the best thing I could have done to do so.


Nothing much has changed on the gaming front, but I have been playing a lot more Skyrim Special Edition lately.

I’ve modded the game so that I can play as characters with candy-colored hair, which is the best. But even better is the “Alternate Start: Life Another Life” mod I installed that skips the opening sequence of the game in lieu of having you pick who your character is. You can be a wealthy property owner, or you can start the game by escaping a sinking ship, or anything else in between. This mod allows me to pick who my character is and add a cool backstory that I can elaborate on in my own way, and I can just start the main quest whenever I choose, and if I choose. As a writer who loves character development, this is nothing short of awesome.


This month, Mom and I took a trip to Palm Springs, California. It was SO much fun!

If you want to read detailed posts on that trip, check out my post on Salvation Mountain here, and my up-to-date guide on Palm Springs here.

What have you been loving this month?

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