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Monday, January 30, 2017

Hey, dear readers! :)

I hope you guys are doing well and had a wonderful weekend. Today, before the month is out, I want to share what I read in January. This year, I wanted to make a point to read more this year because 1) I missed reading a bunch, and 2) I'm a firm believer that reading can help you be a better writer.

But I digress. Let's get to the books!

Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

I’d been wanting to get into this book for awhile, seeing as it’s a quintessential classic sci-fi novel, and I’m actually really glad I did. The book is rich with detail and character development - especially for Ender, the protagonist.

My only gripe with this book is that the pacing was really, really slow at times. However, I’m not sure that I would feel that way if I hadn’t seen the movie.

I personally think the movie is great. The plot was handled very well on-screen, especially the ending (which I won’t spoil for you). But they do cut out a lot. As in, two subplots. So keep that in mind if you do decide to watch before you read, or vice versa.

Either way, I did enjoy this book, and I give it four planets out of five.

This is My Brain on Boys by Sarah Strohmeyer

After reading such a heavy book as Ender’s Game, I was in the mood for something light and fluffy. Enter This is My Brain on Boys.

I know they say not to judge a book by its cover, but I discovered this book via an Instagram account, and the title intrigued me. So, I purchased this book for my Kindle app and got to reading.

It’s about a girl named Addie who is attempting to prove with science that love can happen and sparks can fly when two people are in dangerous situations. So, she conducts experiments, and she may or may not have a crush on one of her subjects. Stuff gets complicated and comedy and high school drama ensues. 

While this story is definitely more on the lighter side - with some plot holes - it was a cute little vacation read. I love romantic comedies anyway, and that’s what this book read more like. The characters were not only bearable on the page, but also enjoyable. Addie is a great protagonist, her friends Tess and Ed are a great supporting cast, and Kris is a great love interest with a surprisingly well-developed backstory.

I give This is My Brain on Boys four science labs out of five.

What have you been reading lately? Let me know in the comments! :) 

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