Crosleys, Manual Music, and Memories

Monday, December 26, 2016

I was given a record player for Christmas...a turquoise portable Crosley turntable, to be precise. And I LOVE it.

The records that my parents gave me to go with my Crosley were two albums from my favorite band, Bastille. I can't tell you how much I listened to both albums on Christmas Day, and I'm sure the record-playing will only continue.
But the thing is, if you're new to records, you must know that they must be handled with care. I'm not brand-new to records, but I had forgotten how much care must be taken to actually play a record (i.e. do not scratch that record with that needle, especially if you're needle isn't automatic! Keep your hand steady!).

It's actually been nice to play music on something so...manual. I don't have as much control over it; I don't have the ability to rewind a track in a matter of seconds, I can't skip five tracks in less time than that, and I can't access the whole album on one side of the record. But are these deal-breakers in the way I listen to my favorite bands? Absolutely not.

I mentioned earlier that this is not my first rodeo with a record player. I actually got my first taste of records when I was little and visited my grandparents on my mom's side in Georgia. I LOVED playing Disney and the Sound of Music soundtrack records on my mom's old stereo. And that was back in the time of cassettes (which, by the way, I find it kind of funny that they're coming back), where you had to rewind tape and guess where your favorite songs were.

So, why am I sharing a post about my little blue Crosley?

Honestly, it's made me appreciate things that are more "manual." I've learned I can appreciate something without it having a screen, and I feel like this is an important lesson at the age of 25, especially as a Millennial at the tail-end of 2016. And it's made me appreciate the way my parents listened to music, too.

Long story short: I'm thankful for this little blue Crosley this Christmas season, and I hope to keep up this record hobby for years to come. :)

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