Fried Egg + Avocado on Toast

Friday, October 21, 2016

I've been trying to experiment with cooking lately.

Cooking in general is an important life skill, and now that I've been out of college for a few years, I know I'll never take having free access to a kitchen for granted (as opposed to having to sign up for a kitchen, limited fridge space, having to label your food so people don't steal it, etc.).

But regardless, I've been wanting to try out something new with a classic recipe I love to make. And when I had avocados in the house, I jumped at the opportunity.

So, dear readers, here is a quick and easy recipe for fried egg and avocado on toast. :)

For one serving, you will need:

  • One avocado half
  • One piece of your favorite bread for toast
  • One egg
  • Cracked sea salt (to taste)

1. Toast your toast.
2. While your toast is toasting (how many times can I say toast in this post? ha!), go ahead and prepare your avocado. Wash the avocado first, then cut off the end, cut around the edges (making sure the knife goes in pretty deep, touching the pit inside even), and twist the halves so that they pop off (don't be afraid to use your knife to help the process). Once you have two halves, remove the avocado pit and scoop out the delicious avocado inside (or peel the skin away...whichever is easier for you).
3. Your toast should be ready by now, so go ahead and place your fresh avocado on your toasted toast. Set the avocado and toast aside.
4. Now, start frying your egg like you normally would: on medium heat, melt 1 tbsp of butter on a skillet first, then crack your egg directly onto the skillet surface. Flip the egg over when the egg whites are opaque, then flip again after a minute or so. Be careful of your skillet as sometimes the butter can pop and be very, very hot.
5. Once your egg is fried how you want it, go ahead and place it on top of your avocado and toast, add salt to taste, and you're done!

You can easily double this recipe since it's best to use up a full avocado once you cut into it, and you can also try out other seasonings, too, like Sriracha! This is a great and easy brunch recipe, and it's quick to make on your busy days.

I hope you enjoyed this little recipe post! :) What is your favorite quick recipe? Let me know in the comments!

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