Last Weekend in the Smoky Mountains

Friday, September 16, 2016

Last weekend, my Mom and I visited the Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee.

We originally attended for my college friends' wedding, and we decided to just make a full long weekend out of it. Boy, I'm glad we did.

So, here's what we did each day. :)


This was my friends' wedding day! It was so good to see my college friends and get to touch base with the friends I don't see that often.

Also, the venue was GORGEOUS.


Sunday mainly comprised of three things: running errands, eating thai food in Sevierville, and relaxing.

Relaxing was the theme of this little trip. It's fun to go explore, but it's also nice to turn off the accelerator and just chill for a while.

Plus, the gorgeous scenery never hurts. :)


We relaxed. In the mountains.

I guess I'll take this opportunity to describe where we were. Our cabin was situated amongst lots of trees, and when night fell, it got so dark that the only light you could see was the moonlight through the leaves above. It was a gorgeous setting, and it truly felt like we were in our own little world in the woods and mountains.


Tuesday, we headed home, back to the real world.

But nevertheless, I'm so glad and thankful that my mom and I got to spend this past weekend together. :)


  1. I absolutely Love your green dress with the bunnies! And your blog design is so lovely.