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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

So before and after I visited London, I got to spend quality time in Scotland, visiting places I loved, cities I hadn't gotten the chance to get to know, and areas I'd never been to before. I absolutely love this country; it's so fun, and I already want to go back.

Here's where I visited/did some sightseeing, plus photos. LOTS of photos. :)


Gleneagles is a lovely country town Northeast of Edinburgh. We only stayed here a couple of days, but I love the area. It reminds me of a place out of a Regency-era or Fantasy novel.


Glasgow was kind of our hub city from which we explored various cities in Scotland (and it's where we trained to Gleneagles from London). Unfortunately, I don't think I took any Glasgow pictures, but I really loved this city.

A few things I did there:
  • Hang out with family and friends.
  • Eat at Five Guys (yes, they have them in Glasgow, and the cherry milkshake I had there was delicious).
  • We did church work in the area. :)

St. Andrews

During part of our stay in Scotland, a group of us went to St. Andrews for a day at the Open Championship. I'd been twice before, and even though I don't necessarily follow golf super closely, I love the area, and visiting sport venues in person is always pretty cool. 

And yes, I ate those Haggis chips. They really weren't made of actual Haggis, but rather "Haggis seasoning", which was basically BBQ with more cracked pepper. They were delicious.

Loch Lomond + Stirling

Both of these areas are places I'd been to before, but couldn't remember since it had been awhile since I'd visited them. I enjoyed seeing the Loch again, and I love Stirling Castle. It's so picturesque, and I love the views atop the hill where the castle sits, as well as from the castle walls.

This is Loch Lomond...

...and this is Stirling.


Edinburgh is my favorite city in all of Scotland. I love how bright and bustling it is, and how it's filled with history, especially literary history. In fact, my favorite thing there is the Sir Walter Scott Monument, which looks like a miniature gothic castle, and it stands out from the rest of the city.

We got to spend a couple of days here, and we got to visit Princes Street (where Scott Monument resides), the Royal Mile, and Edinburgh Castle.


In the town of Alloway - our last stop in Scotland - we got to stop by the Robert Burns Museum. This is also the town where Robbie Burns - poet laureate of Scotland - was born. :)

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