Snow Week

Saturday, February 21, 2015

What a week this has been, y'all.

On Sunday evening, after Mom and Dad and my good friend Isaac and I had our epic Shovels & Rope weekend, it was as though ALL the snow came down on Franklin. We usually get a big snow around January/February, and since Mom and I missed the first snow in January while we were in California (btw, I'm glad I was there instead), I was actually excited to see some really good snow in my hometown.

Little did I know that the snow would stick around all week. I feel blessed to be able to work from home, but I have a ton of respect for folks who had to get out in the icy weather, including my Dad, doctors and nurses (I have a few nursing friends), my friends currently in college, and the people who work for the state who salt the roads (including one of my best friends' dad and a family friend of ours).

Last year, I documented the snow day I had while I was a senior in college. I was going to do the same thing on here, but I had no idea that the snow would last as long as it did. (On a side note, my alma mater basically canceled class for full and half-days all week. Awesome!)

So, I thought I'd write out the highlights of this week and share them with y'all. :)

  • The snow is gorgeous. I've only seen maybe five inches in my whole life, I absolutely love the way it looks. The picture above is through my bedroom window.
  • On Tuesday (international pancake day!), Dad actually closed work due to weather for the first time in years, so we enjoyed pancakes and bacon that day. It was AWESOME and I loved every minute of it.
  • I've just had a lot of fun with my family this week in general. And I've gotten some writing work done. Yay!
  • Oh, and I discovered that Nashville in the snow is really, really pretty.

If there's ice where you live, please drive safe and stay warm!

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