January Favorites

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Hello and Happy February! :D

I really, really love watching Monthly Favorites videos on YouTube. So much so that I decided to try my hand at writing my own Monthly Favorites posts on my tumblr. Those posts kind of dwindled off, which is a shame, just because I love seeing how my own tastes change over the course of one month, a few months, or even nearly a year.

So, without further ado, here's what I loved in January 2014! :)

People, Places, Things

Over Christmas break, I became obsessed with lighting candles in my room. I'm surprised I hadn't before, but since I don't have the pesky no-candle policy at home like I do at school, I discovered how joyful candles can be. I really enjoy vanilla/fruity/sugary scents, with the exception of Mistletoe during Christmas.

Flavored Syrups in Coffee
Also over Christmas break, Mom and I took a trip to our local World Market. There, I found flavored syrups for coffees, teas, what have you. I'm no stranger to these; I used raspberry syrup to make Italian Cream Soda for a High School project. I picked up some raspberry syrup there and mixed it in with some Tim Horton's regular coffee. (Side note, if you're Canadian or live up in the Northern parts of the US, you are awesome for having Tim Horton's. Seriously, it's awesome.) Needless to say, I enjoyed that. A lot.

Los Angeles, California
If you haven't read my post on my recent trip to California, I highly recommend that you do so. I love the state of California so much, and I did and saw so much on this particular trip. You can check out my trip post here.

Brightly-Colored Eyeliner
I used to be into colored eyeliner during high school, when I wore uniforms (yes, plaid skirts) and could only really express myself with makeup and jewelry. I got some eyeliner from Urban Decay for Christmas, and now I love colored eyeliners again. Lately, I've been going for darker colors in fun hues alongside my neutral darker colors. I've been wearing some brighter colors, too, like iridescent purple. I just pair it with neutral eyeshadow to keep things balanced, and I only line my top lashline during the day.

This is a video app that came out on Christmas Eve of last year. Basically, this app turns Instagram videos into gold. I am a huge Instagram fan (I just passed 1000 posts :D) and I'm always looking for fun apps to edit my posts. This app allows you to add texts, graphics, filters, and music to videos and generally makes them awesome. I'll probably pair this app with Squareready Video for some of my posts, too. You can find both apps in the App Store.
Here is a video I made:


"Galaxies" - Owl City [This is a longtime favorite, and I love the message and story behind it. Adam Young is a Christian, and he actually brings his faith out in this song, which I LOVE.]
"Reflections" - Misterwives
"Radioactive (ft. Kendrick Lamar)" - Imagine Dragons [this is the Grammy's version. GO LISTEN TO THIS.]
"Demons" - Imagine Dragons
"Royals" - Lorde [Mom and I listened to this a LOT in California]
"Team" - Lorde
The Convergence EP - Danny Olson and Billy Van [If you like dubstep and orchestra and wonder what it would be like to mix the two together, check this EP out. These guys are awesome.]

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