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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Thirty Date Ideas

In the three months I’ve been dating my boyfriend Cody, I’ve had some really fun adventures. And even before that, when we were still talking, we went on adventures, too. Based on my adventures and experiences, I really really wanted to share some fun date ideas with y'all. 

Guys, feel free to use this list to surprise your girl (trust me, you’ll be glad you did). Girls, if your guy asks you what you want to do one day or night, feel free to consult these ideas. Plus, most of these can cost little to no money, or they don’t have to cost a thing (especially the Dates In) with a little imagination and stuff you already have around your house.

Ready? Onto the dates!

Dates In

  1. Watch a movie that’s special to you both/is a big part of your relationship.
  2. Watch a movie that’s special to you in the nostalgic sense (i.e. the new Power Rangers movie, classic Disney, etc.).
  3. Is there a movie either of you haven’t seen? Watch those two movies one night.
  4. Start a new series on Netflix that you can continue on future dates (OR, if you’re long distance, one you can watch while apart and discuss...Cody and I LOVE "Stranger Things", and it was a big part of our starting to get to know each other).
  5. Speaking of series (and back to movies), start a trilogy or series of movies that you can continue on a weekly or daily basis (perfect if your guy or gal hasn’t seen Star Wars or Lord of the Rings). Bonus: get your friends who haven’t seen these series involved as well! This would be a fun double- or triple-date.
  6. Take a night to marathon one of your favorite TV shows (check your local listings for this…one of my and Cody’s favorites to watch together is Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives on Fridays).
  7. Do a Bible study together. There are some great ones from She Reads Truth and He Reads Truth.
  8. Play a few rounds of multiplayer video games together (think Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., games where you can co-op on a level, etc.)
  9. Cook together! This is fun especially if one or both of you are adventurous with food. Bonus: Plan an entire meal and serve it to your family and friends.
  10. Play board games! Many games are at least 2-player at minimum. If you’re both savvy with strategy, go with Settlers of Catan or Monopoly. Want to just straight-up fight to the finish? Uno or Sorry are your games. Bonus: extend Date #7 with this one and bring in family and friends.
  11. Camp in! Grill hot dogs and make s’mores in your microwave and then build a pillow or blanket fort. Bonus: combine this with Dates #1-#8
  12. At-home drive-in! Get one of your cars, whip out your phone or tablet, connect it to your car’s speakers, and BAM. Instant and free drive-in. Plus, you don’t have to pay extra to bring in your own food!
  13. Are either of you coffee buffs? Try making a Starbucks copycat recipe! Or, make smoothies/slushies (Kool-Aid slushies are easy and AWESOME). This is a quick and easy way to cap off a date.
  14. Speaking of capping off a date, making cookies or dessert together after a night out is always a great idea.
  15. Just take the time to talk! You’ve probably had a long or busy week…just catching up will lift both of your spirits and help you support each other as a couple.

Dates Out

  1. Arcades! I ADORE arcades, and these are a fun way to get competitive without getting crazy-active (unless you want to play some Dance Dance Revolution ;] ).
  2. Tour your hometown! Check out a historic landmark you haven’t been to in awhile, or just drive around.
  3. Speaking of touring, visit a city or two over and browse landmarks there.
  4. Speaking of your hometown, check online for any festivals or farmer’s markets coming up. Most of the time, these are free to browse, and the only thing you may buy is food (which you should totally do, especially if there are unique food stalls or trucks…one farmer’s market near my hometown has the BEST tamales I’ve ever had).
  5. Go to the zoo or aquarium. It’s super fun to find out your significant other’s favorite animal or what animals are special to them or their family.
  6. Try a restaurant serving a type of food you’ve either never had or have only had once.
  7. Try a restaurant with a unique dish (like rolled ice cream or ramen).
  8. Go to a concert together! What better way to learn your boyfriend or girlfriend’s musical taste? (Also, check for free concerts.)
  9. Go to a bookstore. Give each other ten minutes to pick out something that they think the other might like with no obligation to buy it. This tiny competition is another great way to get to know your guy or girl.
  10. Go to a museum together.
  11. Go to a sports game together. In Nashville, we have hockey, football, and minor league baseball, with the occasional soccer game. My boyfriend’s college town has an awesome minor league baseball team. Either way, this will be fun to do in your own city or when you’re visiting your long distance guy or girl.
  12. Go bowling! Bowling is a super easy and fun way to get active and competitive. Plus, many places have discounted or all-you-can-bowl nights, so check online!
  13. Go hiking! Check out trails near or far (if you’re willing to take a day trip).
  14. Speaking of trips, take a daylong road trip! Drive a few hours to a major city and have a blast.
  15. Do something that either of you have never done before.

Want to pin these lists for later? Go for it!

What are your date ideas? What’s your favorite date you’ve ever been on? Let’s talk in the comments! :)

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