Friday Five | 9/29/17

Friday, September 29, 2017

Happy Fri-YAY! Here’s what all I loved this week.

Creamy Bacon Hasselback Chicken

I went out out on a limb and tried a new Tasty recipe last Friday. This time around, I went for Hasselback chicken. Cody and I have made Hasselback potatoes, so I thought chicken would be a fun time.

And it was.

This is probably my new favorite thing to make. If you want the recipe, head on over to Tasty and go for it. You’ll be glad you did.

I went boxing!

Awhile back, I blogged about my adventures with Pure Barre. This week, my friend Kinsey and I had another workout adventure, this time with boxing.

Y’all, boxing was fun. If I go again, I’ll write a more detailed post, but I had a blast. While I think Zumba is still my favorite way to work out, I enjoyed getting to punch a bag (and exclusively a bag…no rings for me!), and it felt like everything we did had a purpose (i.e. we were conditioning so we could be better prepared and have better form to box.)

That being said, it’s been a few days, and my arms are still a bit sore. But it’s all good.


As far as songs go, I’ve been playing “Ultralife” by Oh Wonder a lot on repeat. It’s one of those upbeat, blast-in-your-car-speakers tracks that’s so happy and I love it.

“Dusk ‘Till Dawn”

And this one’s probably the second-most-repeated song I’ve been playing lately. “Dusk ‘Till Dawn” by ZAYN featuring Sia is my favorite of his by far.


I know I have a lot of song favorites this week, but I couldn’t resist including this third one. I heard this on the radio this week, and while it’s not new (in fact, it’s in my record collection), the lyrics are the sweetest. Then again, it’s Ed Sheeran. His music is fantastic anyway.

What have you been loving this week?

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