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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Surprises

I'll be honest, I had no idea what I was going to write for today. All I know was that I wanted to write something, because I had an itch to write, I just didn't know what. Then, while on Skype with my boyfriend, he gave me an idea..."have you written about the surprises?"

Sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee, and grab a snack. Let me tell you a story.

Before Cody and I started dating, we really didn't know each other that well beyond being just acquaintances (despite knowing who the other was for ten years). But there was a way that he got to know me that I didn't know about until after the fact...and now that I think about it, it was pretty genius.

It all started when he came home from college for his birthday weekend. We were still talking at this point, but he wanted to take me to dinner. But the catch was that I had absolutely no clue where we were going. That is...until we pulled into a restaurant I love near my hometown, J. Alexanders. That was the first time he'd ever surprised me, and it was an absolute hit.

But little did I know that the ride didn't stop there.

One time, after he surprised me with more adventures (and a record!), I decided to surprise him. I made a picnic for us that we ate at the park, and then we went bowling. But then, instead of calling it a night, he asked for my keys...

...and we went to Dave and Busters.

I think that one was one of my very favorites. :) Mainly because he turned my surprise back around on me.

But my top favorite was the one that he made for our 1-month anniversary. He totally surprised me by taking me to one of my all-time favorite places in Nashville...and, again, I had no idea. I just mentioned it in passing, and bam. Surprise.

So, why the surprises?

I found out that Cody was using the surprises to get to know me. Before taking me to Dave and Busters, he had no idea I loved video games as much as I do. And since we're both pretty adventurous foodies, he took me to some really cool restaurants as surprises, and he knew I'd love them. But it was a way that I got to know him, too. The surprises helped build the friendship foundation before we started dating.

Also, he still surprises me today. :)

I'm so thankful to God for Cody, for the surprises, and for everything else in between. I'm just thankful for a guy who supports my dreams, and I'm excited for the adventures to come.

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