Tasty Recipe Roundup

Thursday, August 3, 2017

For a long time, I'd been eyeballing Buzzfeed's "Tasty" recipes on YouTube and Facebook. When my boyfriend and I started cooking when we started dating, those recipes were finally put to use. The recipes themselves are actually pretty easy to use. And they've also been pretty easy to modify. 

So, what recipes have we tried?

1.Chicken Bacon Ranch Bake

I've made this twice: once by myself and once with my boyfriend. Both times turned out awesome! (I will say that the chicken did cook better with cheese, and we did broil the top in the last five minutes just to get the bacon to cook. Also, try this with applewood-smoked bacon...you'll be glad you did.)

2.Roasted Honey Carrots

For this one, Cody added cinnamon, and we chopped the carrots. They were a big hit. 

3. Scalloped Potatoes

My dad loved when Cody and I made this delightful side dish. It’s part of a "steak dinner for two" post, but there’s so many great ideas in it that you can separate out for other meals.

4. Mason Jar Salad Dressings

These are fun! We've made the Balsalmic Dijon, Caesar, and Catalina dressings. And yes, they taste great.

5. Churro Bowls

What’s cooking without experimentation, right? These take some trial and error, but man, do they taste amazing once they’re done. 

6. Rainbow Cookies!

These were the happiest little cookies to ever cookie. I mean, they're sugary rainbow emojis. (Protip: use gel food coloring so it doesn't stain your hands, and use all-purpose flour.)

7. Baked Eggs Benedict Cups

When we were at the river, I was scrolling through Pinterest and had this recipe backlogged on my food board. Cody was looking over my shoulder as I was browsing, and he saw how excited I got over these. "Wanna make that?" he asked. Of course I said yes. And, of course, they were amazing.

The eggs are oven-poached (which, by the way, we kept the eggs in five minutes longer than called for because the whites were not opaque at all after ten).

Have you ever cooked with “Tasty” recipes? If so, which ones have you tried?

Quick disclaimer before I go: I am not sponsored by Buzzfeed or their “Tasty” division. I’m just here to share what I love with you guys!

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