Friday Five: 7/21/17

Friday, July 21, 2017

I hadn’t ever heard of a “friday five” post until I came across one from a blog I follow. But I love the idea…as busy as I’ve been, I sometimes don’t have time to just sit down and collect all the favorites I’ve had over one month. One week? Easy

We shall see how long/well this goes (and don’t worry, I’ll still do monthly favorites!). So, let’s get into what my favorites were this week! It's a Friday Five, [Savannah] in Wonderland style.

My Erin Condren Planner

I’m no stranger to the planner community (I’ve been to a few planner conventions and have written about Erin Condren before), but this past month, I’ve really gotten back into using my EC planner again.

I’m going to post an updated planner setup very soon (just because I love the way it’s going so far), but I’ll say for now that this planner was well worth the buy.

Kool-Aid Slushes

I had my wisdom teeth removed this Monday. I know that having them removed at 25 is a tad late, but hey, it was something that definitely needed to be done. My mouth (specifically, the left side) is still thanking me for it.

That being said, eating soft foods have been a challenge for me since I’m a girl who loves meat and substantial things like that. While I was still recovering, Cody, my boyfriend, made us some kool-aid slushes to try while I was still a little extra tender from the surgery.

Y’all. One cup water. Once cup ice. Half-cup Kool-aid mix (the kind with sugar mixed in). Blend on high until smooth. Then add two cups ice, then blend (pulsing) until smooth. Do it. These slushes are awesome.

Sriracha on Everything

Speaking of wisdom teeth, another thing I’ve been doing a TON more is putting Sriracha on stuff. I mean, I’ve been doing that already, but it doesn’t hurt, right? ;)


If you haven’t noticed, I did a bit of rebranding on this blog and my author website. I’ve been experimenting with things like content scheduling, ad integration, and different post ideas to get back in the swing of blogging on a regular basis again. 

Truth be told, I’ve missed blogging. A lot. And I can’t wait to share a ton more of what I’ve been doing with you guys.

Imagine Dragons!

Finally, a random musical favorite: Imagine Dragons’ latest album “Evolve.” Y’all, it’s good. 

The very first album is a classic in my opinion, and the second is pretty good. But this one…I love the 80’s-style synths, the lyrics, and the overall general upbeat nature of this album. And yes, I bought the vinyl. ;)

So what have your favorites been this week? Let’s talk in the comments! :)

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